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Zoom Dysmorphia

dogs meeting via zoomRecently, when things began to tentatively reopen, there was a noticeable spike in appointments for appearance-related issues. When asked what was driving the decision, many cited video-conferencing.

The pandemic has catapulted many of us into a world of Zoom and Join-me calls and/or Teams meetings. Staring at our own face on a screen all day every day has been wreaking havoc with our self-image.
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Daddy Do Overs

Smiling manNoninvasive cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, especially among men. Noninvasive treatments can provide great results for both men and women, but men tend to have their own specific set of aesthetic concerns.

A recent study found many more men are taking advantage of the same procedures long associated with women. The study indicates that more than 1 million men had cosmetic work done in 2018 – which is a 29% increase since 2000. Nearly half a million Botox injections were performed as well as another 100,000 “filler” procedures for men in 2018.

The decision by men to try a face-lift or other procedure has been nicknamed the “Daddy-Do-Over” — referencing the “Mommy Makeover” for women.
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When is the right time to start with injectables?

agingWhile we know that the use of injectables is trending up, it’s not simply because men are beginning to utilize injectables or that the Gen X’ers are coming of the target age. According to the experts, they’ve seen an influx of younger (Gen Y) patients opting for preventative treatments sooner rather than later.

So, when is the right age to start?
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Anti-Aging Treatments are Trending

trendingToday, you walk into a room and you’re not sure how old anyone is anymore. Much of it is due to the increased use of injectable anti-aging treatments.

Technically, injectables are supposed to make you look younger, and they certainly can. They smooth lines. They restore contours that flatten with age. They lift droopy brows and slackening jawlines.

We were injected more than 6.6 million times, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That’s a nearly 40 percent increase from just five years ago. This is due, in part, to:

  • more Generation Y (aka echo boomers or millenials) coming of target age
  • starting treatments at younger ages
  • and men starting to participate in injectable use

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