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Annual Botox Cosmetic Day

CTMAX invites you to celebrate National Botox Cosmetic Day this November 17th, 2021 with two (2) great specials all week long.

3rd annual botox dayOn November 17, 2021, Allē members will have the opportunity to purchase a $100 Botox Cosmetic gift card for only $50, while supplies last. If you miss it, don’t worry, Allergan is still offering special holiday savings. You can still purchase a $100 Allē gift card for just $75, while supplies last.

Just in time for the holidays, you’ll be able to use your gift card to save $100 on your next Botox injection here at CTMAX. Even better, you can get DOUBLE POINTS in Allē when you receive a BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment between 11/15/21 and 11/21/21. Call us NOW to schedule an appointment.

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Zoom Dysmorphia

dogs meeting via zoomRecently, when things began to tentatively reopen, there was a noticeable spike in appointments for appearance-related issues. When asked what was driving the decision, many cited video-conferencing.

The pandemic has catapulted many of us into a world of Zoom and Join-me calls and/or Teams meetings. Staring at our own face on a screen all day every day has been wreaking havoc with our self-image.
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Botox Cosmetic Day is Here!

Wednesday, November 18th

2nd annual botox day

Celebrate by visiting us November 18th, 12pm EST and grab your BUY ONE, GET ONE $50 gift cards to redeem towards your next Botox® Cosmetic appointment.

This offer is limited to one per customer, and sells out FAST. Don’t miss out!

To take advantage of BOTOX® Cosmetic Day offers, you need to be a member of Allē – the new and improved loyalty program by Allergan Aesthetics.

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Lip Service

before/after dermal fillerPlastic surgeons have long debated the mechanisms aging-related changes in the face: Are they related more to “deflation” or “sagging”? A new study helps settle the debate, showing significant loss of volume in the upper lip in older adults, reports the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®.
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National Botox Day

Wednesday, November 20th

Set your clocks for 10am eastern time and buy ONE $100 Botox® Cosmetic Giftcard, and you will receive an additional $100 Botox® Cosmetic Gifcard FREE!

National Botox Day Ad - Nov 20, 2019 - BOGO $100 Giftcard

To celebrate the FIRST National Botox Day, Allergen is offering a ONE.DAY.ONLY special with limited quantities!

Buy ONE $100 Botox® Cosmetic Giftcard, and you will receive an additional $100 Botox® Cosmetic Gifcard FREE!

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Daddy Do Overs

Smiling manNoninvasive cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, especially among men. Noninvasive treatments can provide great results for both men and women, but men tend to have their own specific set of aesthetic concerns.

A recent study found many more men are taking advantage of the same procedures long associated with women. The study indicates that more than 1 million men had cosmetic work done in 2018 – which is a 29% increase since 2000. Nearly half a million Botox injections were performed as well as another 100,000 “filler” procedures for men in 2018.

The decision by men to try a face-lift or other procedure has been nicknamed the “Daddy-Do-Over” — referencing the “Mommy Makeover” for women.
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Botox as a Mood Enhancer?

CTMAX_botoxWhether you think of it as an entry-level cosmetic procedure or perhaps the ultimate gift from Heaven, you probably think of Botox simply as an injectable that temporarily paralyses muscles, thereby erasing or preventing lines and wrinkles.

However, Botox has uses beyond simple aesthetics. It’s commonly related to treatment for migraines (sometimes as a last resort), or to reduce oil production, which can lead to acne, to calm excessive sweating or even to treat spasticity movement disorders such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.
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The Rise of Non-Surgical Options

Popular OptionsAfter years of steady rises, it may come as a bit of a surprise to some that cosmetic surgery is on the decline. Many surgeons are also reporting a reduction in the number of procedures a patient has at one time. Instead of several simultaneous procedures, patients are opting for single ones. More often than not, the economy and job insecurity is getting blamed.

However, there is a rise in what you can have done without surgery. Many people don’t have the time to spend two weeks off work recovering from a facelift but want a little bit of improvement, so they’re looking at non-surgical options.
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Aesthetic Facial Enhancement Popularity Rises

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of facelifts performed in 2014 (128,266) were down 4% from 2013 (133,320), which were up 6% from 2012 (126,320).

However, nonsurgical aesthetic facial enhancement procedures continue to be substantially more popular and prevalent.

Here are some the statistics…
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