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Aesthetic Enhancement

As with cosmetic surgery and other reconstructive surgeries involving the facial region, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon has taken an interest in providing a more comprehensive approach to treating the patient’s overall facial aesthetics. While for years the focus has been on more invasive procedures to achieve dramatic facial change, today many non-invasive and simple ambulatory techniques are available to make one’s facial appearance more pleasing.


There is no question that our society has become more focused on their appearance than ever before. Much of this has been brought on by the ability to take very small, subtle and unobtrusive steps to simply “enhance” one’s appearance and create a greater feeling of self-confidence.

Therefore, for lack of a more specific terminology, we have termed these minor interventions “Aesthetic Facial Enhancements.” You may also see the term “Injectables” used. The pages that follow will address the more common procedures familiar to most of the general public, including Botox injections, dermal fillers and glycolic acid peels (chemical peels).

During a consult, the doctors will be able to determine which product solution would be more appropriate for you and help you turn back the clock and erase the effects of time.

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