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When is the right time to start with injectables?

agingWhile we know that the use of injectables is trending up, it’s not simply because men are beginning to utilize injectables or that the Gen X’ers are coming of the target age. According to the experts, they’ve seen an influx of younger (Gen Y) patients opting for preventative treatments sooner rather than later.

So, when is the right age to start?

Most people choose to start treating lines when they begin to stick around. When you smile or frown, lines may develop during the expression. They generally go away when the face is relaxed. However, when lines start to stick around with your face at rest, that’s when you might consider getting initial injectable treatments. (Condé Nast) asked dermatologists across the country, ‘when is the right time?’. The general consensus was anytime from 20-ish to 40, depending on several factors. Here’s a summary.

In some people, this may be in the mid-twenties, while in others it’s after 30. It is rare for someone to come in asking for injectables under the age of 25. Depending on the level of sun damage, the amount of muscle movement, and whether or not the person has “Resting Bitch Face,” all of these factors play into the decision at which age to start.

The most appropriate age to start will depend on the skin color and the type of lifestyle (more versus less sun). In general, non-lifeguard caucasian women usually do best when they start injectables between 35 and 40. If they were a lifeguard, maybe 30. For darker skin tones, the appropriate age to start tends a bit higher, more like 40 to 45, but it will also depend on the circumstances.

In short, the chronologic age to “start” injectables is often irrelevant – for some, it’s in their mid-twenties, for others, it could be their mid-forties. It is more important to look at the dynamics of the wrinkles themselves. When the wrinkles on the upper part of the face start to linger after the facial movement has stopped — that’s the best time to start treatments.

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