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Non-surgical Cosmetic Predictions for 2018

Crystal ballIn order to gain a perspective on cosmetic predictions for 2018, its useful to understand what we saw occur in 2017.

One might blame technology for the increase in non-surgical treatments in 2017. Which technologies? One is probably in your hand, purse, pocket or belt holster right now… your smartphone and selfies and social media.

The rise of the every-day selfie is one reason people care more about how they look these days. Better and better cameras are on our phones and we take our phones with us EVERYWHERE. Who can resist a sneaky selfie in the bathroom mirror when they think we’re looking good? More and more, we post selfies as part of our daily activities to our social media pages.

And then… there’s the dreaded moment when we begin to notice our parents face is staring back at us in the mirror or in the high-definition camera shot – that moment that we now see crow’s feet, lip lines and marionette wrinkles forming?

Looking back at 2016 & 2017

In 2016 and continuing into 2017, Anti-Ageing Injection Treatments were most popular (reducing lines and wrinkles). Dermal Fillers came second (enhancing features or helping in the facial rejuvenation). Facial sculpting, or ‘liquid facelifts’, by injections has become increasingly possible through the combination of the two.

Looking forward to 2018

We think that this combined approach will become even more prevalent in 2018 for those looking to develop an annual healthy skin plan rather than ad hoc treatments. This yearly approach to skin care might see you getting a laser series in winter, low level light therapy in summer and dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections a few times each year. This allows more thought to be given to anatomy and facial balance during injection treatments, using subtler injecting approaches and avoiding the ‘over filled cheek’ or ‘fat lip’ look.

Also for 2018 and beyond, we believe we’ll see more treatment requests for Melasma and other forms of pigmentation and sun damage treatments. We can’t COMPLETELY turn back the clock or remedy EXTENSIVE weather damage over decades, but there’s a LOT we can now do to rejuvenate the skin with our picosecond laser treatments.

We would love to help you get your skin looking and feeling it’s very best. We have a variety of lasers, modalities and skin care products to offer clients of all skin types. Whether it’s acne, skin blemishes or a host of wrinkles that you’re wanting treated, we can help.

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