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Promises, promises, promises

face-makerEvery year new and more products show up that promise to “tighten your face and make you look younger”.

Items such as this ‘Face Maker’, or the ‘Wrinkle Vacuum for Forehead lines’, or the “Face Lines Face Belt’ all allegedly designed to reduce those ‘smile lines’ or ‘forehead lines’ or other wrinkles. And these are just a few of the dozen of products showing up on the internet. More than likely, the only thing they reduce is the money in your purse or wallet.

On the otherhand, CTMAX only offers well-researched, well-vetted, and proven technologies and products. This includes our recent line of prescription-only Obagi products such as Nu-Derm and C-Rx.

We promise that at CTMAX, you won’t find items like this that will leave you looking trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

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