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Your Tatt Could be Illegal

Some tatts are cute. Some are quite ornate. Many make a statement or tell a story. Some are regrettable, and some might just land you in jail in some places.

buddah_tattIn 2014, Claiming that the exposed tattoo of Buddha on her arm was “hurting others’ religious feelings”, Sri Lankan authorities arrested 37-year-old Brit Naomi Michelle Coleman upon her arrival at Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport on Monday. This is for real… we’re not making it up. Who knew Sri Lankans were so sensitive?

The BBC reported that after a local cabbie informed Coleman (a former Buddhist practitioner) that her tat was “a big problem” in the country, he notified the police and she was hauled in. After a stint behind bars in a Negombo prison, Coleman received a court hearing and was officially deported, then held at an immigration detention center until she caught her flight back to the UK.”

So your options are to not go somewhere that your tatt might offend, go but don’t show the offending tatt, or see the CTMAX wizards and have it removed.

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