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That’s so cool

We like things that are seemingly opposite but are actually complementary. Think ‘sweet and sour’, ‘sun and moon’, and/or ‘Popeye and Olive Oil’. This duality is often referred to as yin and yang as opposed to oxymora such as ‘jumbo shrimp’, the ‘great depression’, and/or ‘walking dead’ which are juxtaposed elements that are contradictory.

Similarly, CTMAX FACE has its own yin/yang at work for your benefit.

As you know, we have one of only three picosecond lasers in Connecticut that is FDA approved to treat acne scars, blemishes and even remove tattoos. While our picosecond laser has made extraordinary strides in reducing the pain of this process, we felt that we could do even more.

So, to the ‘Yin’ of our laser, we’ve added a ‘Yang’ with a state of the art skin cooling method that is far superior to traditional consumable ice packs, gels or cryogen sprays and can reduce discomfort to near zero levels.

With 9 fan speeds and precise control, our new cooling system is the perfect complement to our advanced aesthetic cosmetic laser.

picosure laserZimmer Cryo6

Visit CTMAX FACE to experience first hand (or rather face) treatments with this revolutionary laser/skin cooler combination to help you painlessly turn back time.

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