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You Can Be Sure it’s Gone

We’re pleased to announce that we’re able to offer a revolutionary and proven laser system for the treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, pigmented lesions and tattoo removal – even those with dark stubborn blue and green inks.

Jimmy Buffett reminds us that a tattoo is often “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling”. If you have one that you’d like to forget, CTMAX now has one of only three picosure lasers in Connecticut.

Until now nanosecond lasers, such as Q-switched, have relied on delivering heat to the pigment and tissue to remove tats, but our picosecond laser uses a pulse width 100 times shorter to effectively blast the ink into particles so small the body simply evacuates them.

This can result in fewer treatments without injury to the surrounding skin.

Find out more about our PicoSure® laser.

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